Settlements in Structured Negotiation

blackboard with words win win and outline of handshakeIntro: Structured Negotiation is a collaborative and solution-driven dispute resolution method conducted without a lawsuit on file. On this page you will find a list of settlement agreements reached in Structured Negotiation by the Law Office of Lainey Feingold, often with co-counsel. The joint press releases issued in connection with these agreements can be found in the Press Release Topic.

You can learn more about Structured Negotiation on the Frequently Asked Questions page. You can also read an article about Structured Negotiation published in the American Bar Association (ABA) Journal in December, 2013.

In the Fall of 2016 the ABA published Lainey’s book Structured Negotiation: A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits. The book is available on Amazon and through the ABA. Read more about Lainey’s book.

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List of Settlement Agreements

The following Settlement Agreements, listed in alphabetical order, were reached using Structured Negotiation. You can also access these agreements through the Settlement Agreements category where they appear in chronological order with a brief excerpt and link to the full agreement. In the list below the title of each agreement is a link to an html version of the document.