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This page is about Lainey Feingold’s talks. Lainey speaks about Structured Negotiation and  digital access. She also talks about disability rights and ethics. Structured Negotiation helps people solve problems without conflict. Access is about making sure tech works for disabled people. Lainey’s talks are for anyone interested in cooperation and a more inclusive world.

Amazing training! Thank you!

I thought this was a great presentation / CLE. Just fantastic. Wish it were longer.

Lainey was simultaneously engaging, practical and immediately understandable

We received so much great feedback that we begged her to come back to do a second, more advanced training.

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On this page you can read about the types of talks and trainings offered by Lainey Feingold.  These are just examples. Lainey tailors all presentations to meet the needs of each audience.

Whether you are looking for a keynote speech or a hands-on full-or half-day workshop, Lainey’s presentations are engaging, fun, easy-to understand, and packed with up-to-date and relevant content.  Workshops are interactive with lots of participant activities. Every presentation leaves time for audience interaction. All topics listed here can be presented as either a talk or a longer workshop.

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Talks and Trainings For International Audiences

Technology is global and accessibility must be too. A growing number of countries around the world are adopting laws and policies supporting disabled people’s right to participate in the digital world. Lainey Feingold’s expertise in using collaborative tools to achieve digital accessibility can be useful to advocates around the globe implementing new laws.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) lays a strong foundation for broad inclusion of people with disabilities in the technology of today and the future. Lainey’s deep knowledge of effective strategies for implementing U.S. law and policy can be useful to advocates around the world.

Outside the United States, Lainey has spoken about Structured Negotiation and digital accessibility in Australia, Canada, and Sweden. She is excited to work with organizers to develop talks and trainings to meet the needs of international audiences. Here are some examples:

  • Digital Accessibility is a Human Right: Lessons from the U.S. Legal System
  • Have a Global Company? You Need a Global Accessibility Policy
  • Structured Negotiation and CRPD Enforcement
  • From the Negotiating Table to the Design Studio: collaborative skills for digital professionals (Offered in 2018 with Shawn Henry at the Better By Design Conference.)
  • Digital Accessibility Legal Update for Lawyers and Law Students Outside the U.S.
  • Digital Accessibility Legal Update for Disability Rights Advocates Outside the U.S.
  • Be a Dolphin: Negotiation Skills for Disability Rights Advocates
  • Be a Dolphin: Negotiating Skills for International Lawyers and Law Students
  • Accessibility Law and Policy around the Globe (Lainey has been tracking international accessibility developments for many years.)
  • Online Dispute Resolution for all:  Accessibility and Disability Accommodations as an Inherent Aspect of ODR and Access to Justice (based on Lainey’s 2018 article published in co-written with David Larson
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Talks and Trainings For U.S. Lawyers

Lainey Feingold has been negotiating complex legal agreements without lawsuits for over twenty years through the process known as Structured Negotiation. Her book on the subject — Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits — was published by the American Bar Association in 2016. Lainey and her colleagues and clients negotiated the first web accessibility agreement in the United States almost two decades ago.

Lainey brings this depth of experience to her trainings and talks for lawyers. Her presentations are ideal for in-house counsel, civil rights and public interest lawyers, CLE programs, bar associations, mediators, diversity and inclusion organizations, and disability rights practitioners

Here are some examples:

These lawyer-focused trainings and talks are designed with two goals: to give lawyers in any field

  • the knowledge they need about the now burgeoning field of digital accessibility law
  • tools with a proven track record for resolving claims with less conflict, less cost

After a CLE training co-sponsored by JP Morgan Chase and Chicago’s Equip for Equality, the meeting organizer wrote

Other companies should take advantage of this opportunity to host a CLE program for their in-house attorneys and law firm partners as they explore ways to resolve disputes outside the courtroom. post-CLE feedback

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Talks and Trainings For U.S. Law Students

Lainey at podium with sign Quinnipiac Law SchoolLaw Students need to know the soft skills embedded in Structured Negotiation. In an age of rapid change in the legal profession, law students need skills that encourage relationships to thrive in the legal context. Law students deserve stories of a legal strategy that puts clients first.

In other words, law students need to know there is an alternative to being a shark. And all law students need to know digital accessibility because it impacts every field of law.

Lainey has spoken to law students in both the US and Canada to enthusiastic response about dispute resolution, digital accessibility, and Structured Negotiation. Law schools where Lainey has shared her experiences include Harvard, Northwestern, Cardozo, Hastings, the Quinnipiac / Yale Dispute Resolution Workshop, and Canadian law schools Osgoode Hall and University of Windsor. Read what professors and students say about Lainey’s law school presentations

Here is a sampling of talks and trainings geared to law students.

  • Be a Dolphin! Structured Negotiation Skills for Law Students
  • Digital Accessibility Law for Law Students: Got a practice area? You Need to Know Disability Rights
  • Thinking Outside the Box: Twenty Years of Dispute Resolution without Lawsuits, Conflict or Run Away Costs.
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Talks and Training For U.S.  Disability Advocates

Disability advocates need a variety of tools in their work protecting and advancing the civil rights of disabled people. Lainey first offered Structured Negotiation training to non-lawyer advocates at the 2018 ADA Symposium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Negotiation tools that emphasize cooperation over conflict; relationship over rancor belong in the advocate’s toolbox along with other strategies.

Here are some of Lainey Feingold’s training and speaking topics particularly suited to advocates in the disability community

  • The Digital Accessibility Legal Space: Update for disability advocates
  • Structured Negotiation: A Successful Strategy for Advancing Disability Rights
  • Forget the Shark – Be a Dolphin! Achieving goals with collaboration and relationship
  • Stories from the Field: Talking ATMs, Accessible Websites, and Twenty Years of Blind Community Advocacy without Lawsuits
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Talks and Training For Digital Accessibility and Diversity and Inclusion Professionals (designers, developers, managers, policy makers, and more)

Everyone in the accessibility, DEI, web development, web design, and UX space can use digital accessibility law in their roles. And the Structured Negotiation skills that Lainey offers are not just for lawyers:

Structured Negotiation has a reach far beyond the legal world.  Imagine if routine business and design challenges were solved with a process that assumed the win-win outcomes described in this book. Lainey’s focus on cooperation, collaboration, and problem-solving points the way to a world designed for and usability expert Whitney Quesenbery’s review of Lainey’s book in UXPA Magazine.

Lainey’s digital accessibility legal update for a mixed audience of advocates, accessibility professionals, and lawyers was one of the top five webinars offered by 3Play Media in 2017.

Lainey’s talks and training geared to digital, accessibility, and DEI professions include:

  • Put the Law in Your Pocket:  What Digital Professionals Need to Know about Digital Accessibility Law
  • From the Negotiating Table to the Design Studio: collaborative skills for digital professionals (Offered in 2018 with Shawn Henry at the Better By Design Conference.)
  • Bake Accessibility and Disability Inclusion into Your Organizational Culture (based on a talk Lainey presented with Microsoft lawyer Sue Boyd)
  • Be a Dolphin! Using Structured Negotiation tools to grow and strengthen a culture of accessibility in your organization.
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More Talks and Trainings for Businesses, Non-profits, and Education Institutions

Lainey brings a depth of experience to her trainings and talks in both the private and public sector. All presentations are tailored to organizer and audience needs>

  • All of Lainey’s talks and trainings for lawyers can be shaped for legal departments of specific organizations.
  • Procurement: An aspect of accessibility too often overlooked
  • Improving Collaboration at Work: Dolphin skills for teams and leadership
  • Who’s Needed? Bringing together the roles and teams that make accessibility stick
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Why a Dolphin?

two smiling dolphinsLainey uses the shark vs. dolphin metaphor in her presentations to drive home a simple idea: You don’t have to be a shark to get things done.

Lawyer jokes aside, people often associate shark-like behavior as a necessary tool in the workplace and around the negotiating table. Lainey’s experience says otherwise.

Dolphins are great communicators and collaborators. They work together to accomplish tasks. The dolphin metaphor is a perfect counterpoint to the advocate-as-shark image of aggressive, bullying, and opportunistic behavior.

Lainey encourages her audiences to drop the shark and think about successful advocacy and negotiation strategies styles as dolphin-like. Open communication, transparency, active listening, relationship-building have contributed to successful outcomes without the conflict of litigation for more than two decades. The dolphin metaphor offers take aways for immediate use in the workplace and around the negotiating table.

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More About Structured Negotiation

Structured Negotiation is a dispute resolution and advocacy strategy that has delivered powerful results for over two decades. Rooted in the blind community’s quest for independent access to technology and information, the method is well suited to anyone looking to resolve disputes without the cost and conflict of litigation.

Structured Negotiation has led to dozens of settlement agreements with some of the largest organizations in the United States, all without lawsuits. Lainey Feingold’s Structured Negotiation trainings and talks about Structured Negotiation offer negotiating tools with a track record of success.

Bank of America, Walmart, Major League Baseball, the City and County of San Francisco are just some of the organizations that have traded the bad publicity, run-away costs, and unnecessary conflict for true problem solving offered by Structured Negotiation. Lainey Feingold’s Structured Negotiation talks and trainings, tailored to a wide range of audiences, share the techniques and strategies that have made Structured Negotiation a successful problem-solving strategy.

How will your organization or meeting benefit from a Structured Negotiation training? Let’s talk and build a program together.

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