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Whether you are looking for a keynote speech or a full or half-day workshop, Lainey Feingold’s presentations are engaging, fun, packed with stories and full of up-to-date and relevant content. Workshops are interactive and every presentation invites audience participation. Lainey’s passion and depth of knowledge has made her a popular speaker across the globe.

Lainey has spoken to public interest and business lawyers, web designers, developers, accessibility teams, mediators and advocates, and corporate decision-makers. She has engaged law students across the United States and Canada. And she has run workshops for accessibility, legal, and disability rights communities in Spain, Australia, and New Zealand as well as in the United States.

Since publication of her book in late 2016, Lainey has delivered more than 100 talks and workshops on subjects related to digital accessibility, collaborative problem-solving, and disability rights.

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Why Lainey?

Lainey is a pioneer in both the digital accessibility legal space and in collaborative problem-solving. Since 1995, she has negotiated close to 100 ground-breaking settlement agreements in the digital accessibility legal space – all without filing a single lawsuit. She has been recognized as both the Problem Solver of the Year and a Legal Rebel by the American Bar Association.

In 2000, Lainey helped negotiate the first web accessibility agreement in the United States, with Bank of America. Since that time, she and her clients and co-counsel have engaged in win-win collaborations with organizations as varied as Major League Baseball, the American Cancer Society, the City and County of San Francisco, Patreon, and CVS.

Lainey brings this history, and her skills as a bridge builder and powerful storyteller, to every presentation. This, along with her ability to present negotiation strategy, accessibility best practices, and legal issues in an understandable and engaging way for any audience, are the pillars of her popularity as a speaker.

Lainey’s AccessGA webinar was packed with a plethora of timely updates, invaluable resources, and meaningful metaphors that tied it all together into a narrative that almost anyone could understand. Nothing short of outstanding.

John Rempel, UX/ICT Quality Assurance Manager, CIDI at Georgia Tech


A few minutes into Lainey’s workshop, one of the attendees from an architecture firm, leaned over to me and said, “Her energy rocks!” That sums up our experience working with Lainey: energetic, knowledgeable, proactive, and collaborative.

Margaret Price, Associate Professor, Department of English Director, Disability Studies Program, The Ohio State University

We were delighted to have Lainey come and talk to our legal team. It was an inspiring session and invaluable to hear Lainey’s insights on how to create systemic change for people with disability and discuss how it can apply in the Australian context.

Jonathon Hunyor, Chief Executive Officer, Public Interest Advocacy Centre Ltd Sydney

Lainey’s passion, dedication, and knowledge provided our attendees with foundational information critical to moving forward with inclusion at the forefront of our minds.

Kelsey Hall, Assistive Technology Coordinator, UMass Amherst and Kristina England, Web Application Specialist, UMass President’s Office

We received so much great feedback that we begged her to come back to do a second, more advanced training.

Salena Copeland, Executive Director of the Legal Aid Association of California

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Highlight reel from Lainey’s workshop in Vitoria, Basque Country Spain (2019)

Upcoming Speaking Events

  • December 2, 2020 at 10:00 am (Pacific)


    New York Law School Conversations in Dispute Resolution Series: Structured Negotiation

  • December 2, 2020


    Disability Rights and Inventing the Accessible Future @ Sight Tech Global

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Lainey Feingold during presentation
Lainey on a panel at UNSW Legislation Policy Digital Inclusion

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    Simple Summary

    This page is about Lainey Feingold as a public speaker. There is a video on the page about a training Lainey did in Spain.  There are also quotes from people who have heard Lainey speak. One person said they were surprised that a legal session could be fun.  Lainey has given talks around the world.  She speaks about Structured Negotiation and  digital access. She also talks about disability rights and ethics. Structured Negotiation helps people solve problems without conflict. Access is about making sure tech works for disabled people. Lainey’s talks are for anyone interested in cooperation and a more inclusive world.