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Whether you are looking for a keynote speech or a full or half-day workshop, Lainey Feingold’s presentations are engaging, fun, packed with stories and full of up-to-date and relevant content. Workshops are interactive and every presentation invites audience participation. Lainey’s passion and depth of knowledge have made her a popular speaker across the globe.

Lainey has spoken to public interest and business lawyers, web designers, developers, accessibility teams, mediators and advocates, and corporate decision-makers. She has engaged law students across the United States and Canada. And she has run workshops for accessibility, legal, and disability rights communities in Spain, Australia, and New Zealand as well as in the United States.

Since publication of the first edition of her book, Structured Negotiation, a Winning Alternative to Lawsuits in late 2016, Lainey has delivered more than 100 talks, trainings, and workshops on subjects related to digital accessibility, collaborative problem-solving, and disability rights. The second edition of the book was published in October 2021, providing renewed opportunities for presentations on digital accessibility and the tools and strategies of Structured Negotiation.

Lainey is available to deliver talks and trainings both in-person and virtually.

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Why Lainey?

Lainey is a pioneer in both the digital accessibility legal space and in collaborative problem-solving. Since 1995, she has negotiated close to 100 ground-breaking settlement agreements in the digital accessibility legal space – all without filing a single lawsuit. She has been recognized as both the Problem Solver of the Year and a Legal Rebel by the American Bar Association.

In 2000, Lainey helped negotiate the first web accessibility agreement in the United States, with Bank of America. Since that time, she and her clients and co-counsel have engaged in win-win collaborations with organizations as varied as Major League Baseball, the American Cancer Society, the City and County of San Francisco, Patreon, and CVS.

Lainey brings this history, and her skills as a bridge builder and powerful storyteller, to every presentation. This, along with her ability to present negotiation strategy, accessibility best practices, and legal issues in an understandable and engaging way for any audience, are the pillars of her popularity as a speaker.

HighEdWeb recently had the honor of attending Lainey Feingold’s keynote address, and it was truly a remarkable experience. Lainey has a unique talent for breaking down complex ideas and presenting them in an approachable manner that resonates with everyone in the audience. Her talk struck the perfect balance between education and inspiration, leaving us all with a newfound understanding and a sense of motivation. Lainey’s professionalism and ease to work with throughout the entire process also stood out to me. Despite the challenges of a fully virtual event, she navigated the virtual platform seamlessly, maintaining her characteristic poise and expertise. Lainey Feingold’s keynote address was undoubtedly a highlight of the event, and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a speaker.

Lindsey Sneed, HigherEd Accessibility Summit Program Committee


For more than five years, the Digital Accessibility Legal Update provided by Lainey Feingold at AccessU, Knowbility’s annual accessibility skills training has been one of the most sought after sessions to attend. These are some of the comments from our attendee evaluations.

  • For me the most valuable session was the Legal Update from Lainey Feingold. Unlike many legal discussions, it was clear, engaging and deeply informative.
  • I am so glad I attended the legal brief from Lainey Feingold. I am usually intimidated by legal jargon, but this gave me just what I needed in terms I could understand and use.
  • I would not have believed that a legal session could be fun before I met Lainey. I learned a lot – and enjoyed the heck out of it!
Participant at Knowbility’s AccessU conference

Lainey presented to my students about Structured Negotiation, which is an extremely innovative and effective way of translating negotiation principles into concrete legal strategies for social change. Lainey challenges us to think differently about the potential role of ADR in protecting the public interest. Her presentation convinced my students that Structured Negotiation can and should have a vital role to play.

Daniel Del Gobbo, Adjunct Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School

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Highlight reel from Lainey’s workshop in Vitoria, Basque Country Spain (2019)

Upcoming Speaking Events

  • M-Enabling Summit Session Moderator: U.S. Federal Digital Accessibility Legal Landscape

    October 11, 2023 at 9:30 am

    Arlington, VA

  • Digital Accessibility and Civil Rights: The 2023 legal landscape for the A11yNYC Community

    October 17, 2023 at 7:30 pm (Eastern)

    Online and in person in NYC. See link below for details

  • Collaboration! Using the law without conflict to advance digital accessibility

    October 18, 2023 at 2:00 pm (Eastern)

    Hybrid: Online + at Google NYC headquarters (A private event for Google employees only)

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Lainey speaking in Sydney
Lainey Feingold during presentation
Lainey on a panel at UNSW Legislation Policy Digital Inclusion

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    Simple Summary

    This page is about Lainey Feingold as a public speaker. There is a video on the page about a training Lainey did in Spain.  There are also quotes from people who have heard Lainey speak. One person said they were surprised that a legal session could be fun.  Lainey has given talks around the world.  She speaks about Structured Negotiation and  digital access. She also talks about disability rights and ethics. Structured Negotiation helps people solve problems without conflict. Access is about making sure tech works for disabled people. Lainey’s talks are for anyone interested in cooperation and a more inclusive world.