West Valley College improves technology for students in Structured Negotiation

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This is an article about a settlement that makes college learning technology available to blind students. The TRE Legal practice helped two blind students reach agreement with their school, West Valley College. The agreement was reached in Structured Negotiation. No lawsuit was needed or filed.

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On August 26, 2020, the TRE Legal Practice announced a settlement with West Valley College that ensures blind students have access to critical educational technology, including immersive virtual language tools. Reached in Structured Negotiation without a lawsuit, among other things the agreement mandates that future procurement contracts must include provisions requiring technology vendors to deliver accessible instruction technology.

Tim Elder, founder and principle at TRE Legal practice noted that the settlement “helps West Valley College become a leader in delivering accessible technology innovations.” He congratulated the college for engaging in Structured Negotiation:

We applaud West Valley College for working with us and our clients in a cost-effective, collaborative manner to reach this agreement, rather than fighting against their legal obligations in a much more expensive and time-consuming court battle like that that against the Los Angeles Community College District, which resulted in a judgment against the LACCD on July 22, 2019.Tim Elder, Claimants lawyer in West Valley College Structured Negotiation

This article is part of a Topic on this website about how other people have used Structured Negotiation to resolve legal claims with less conflict and cost. For Lainey’s Structured Negotiation cases, please visit the Settlements page of this website.

You can read more about how Structured Negotiation, including how it allows people in a dispute to share information in a practical, cost-effective way that leads to win-win results, in Lainey’s book, Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits.

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