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This page is a press release from CVS Pharmacy. CVS announced a new service called Spoken Rx™ Spoken Rx™ is a feature in the CVS mobile app that reads CVS prescription labels out loud. This is important for people who are blind and cannot read standard print labels. The service is free. CVS worked with the American Council of the Blind on this initiative in Structured Negotiation.

image of spoken rx from CVS website (the CVS app and prescription bottle)

The image on this page shows an exciting new feature available from CVS. Called Spoken Rx™, the new feature allows blind people to listen to CVS prescription label information through the CVS mobile application. The CVS press release announcing this new service is posted here.

CVS worked with the American Council of the Blind on this initiative in Structured Negotiation. The new service will benefit blind people and others who cannot read standard print. The audible information is available in English or Spanish.

CVS Pharmacy introduces new app feature for reading “talking” prescription labels

New Spoken Rx™ feature in the CVS Pharmacy app is the result of a collaboration with the American Council of the Blind

Woonsocket, Rhode Island (July 8, 2020) – CVS Pharmacy announced that it has developed Spoken Rx™, a new feature of the CVS Pharmacy app that can read a specific type of label for patients with visual impairments and those who cannot read standard print labels. Spoken Rx is the first in-app prescription reader application to be developed by a national retail pharmacy.

By the end of 2020, 1,500 CVS Pharmacy locations will be equipped to affix special RFID labels to prescription vials. When the RFID labels are scanned by Spoken Rx in the CVS Pharmacy app, which can be accessed by users using Siri or Google Assistant on their phones, prescription label information will be spoken out loud.

This information, which is important for patient safety and adherence, currently includes patient name, medication name, dosage and directions and will be enhanced to include additional information over the months to come. Spoken Rx will be available in all CVS Pharmacy locations by the end of 2021.

Enrollment in the program is seamless and can be done either over the phone or in store where a pharmacist can ensure the patient’s app is appropriately set up for the service. Spoken Rx is free to CVS Pharmacy patients and the app will read prescription label information aloud in either English or Spanish.

The in-app feature gives patients more flexibility, providing the pertinent prescription information out loud wherever and whenever they need it. Spoken Rx provides a more seamless experience to our patients who are visually impaired.” Ryan Rumbarger, Senior Vice President, Store Operations at CVS Health.

Today’s announcement is the result of collaboration between CVS Pharmacy and the American Council of the Blind, which worked with CVS and tested the technology throughout its development.

Spoken Rx is a positive step that offers same-day, access for prescriptions filled in CVS stores, allowing for a greater level of privacy, safety, and independence for blind and visually impaired customers of all ages. We’re pleased about this addition to the existing braille, audio, and large print accessible prescription label offerings provided by CVS Caremark and CVS.COM.” Kim Charlson, immediate past president of the American Council of the Blind.

For more information on Spoken Rx and a list of active stores please visit the Spoken Rx web page on the CVS website.

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