MLB: On-Line Accessibility During the World Series

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This is a post about Major League Baseball (MLB). MLB has done a lot of work to make its web site accessible to people who are blind. This post encourages people with visual impairments to visit and team web sites during the World Series.

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Major League Baseball (MLB) has shown great commitment to web site accessibility throughout the 2010 season. As the World Series begins this week, the American Council of the Blind (ACB) and its affiliates in Massachusetts and California continue to work with MLB on the accessibility of and the team sites. The feedback of baseball fans with visual impairments is essential to that effort.

If you are a blind baseball fan, we hope you can spend some time on and the team sites during the World Series. If you do, please share your experiences with ACB’s MLB accessibility team. Comments can be sent using the Contact page of this website, or by sending an email to Bay State Council of the Blind representative Brian Charlson. Email Brian Charlson.

Please also send feedback to MLB directly. MLB’s accessibility customer service staff can be reached by phone at 866.239.1284 and also by email. Email MLB accessibility customer service. Major League Baseball, like all commercial entities with a commitment to web access, appreciates hearing about accessibility successes. MLB has also shown a strong commitment to addressing any issues that need improvement. More information from MLB about its accessibility efforts is available on the MLB Accessibility Information Page on the website.

To learn more about Major League Baseball’s web accessibility initiative visit the MLB Accessibility Category on LFLegal. You can also follow LFLegal on Twitter for accessibility updates about all entities who, like Major League Baseball, have used Structured Negotiations to improve access to information and technology for the blind community.