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This is an article about new content on this website added between December 20, 2021 and January 3, 2022. There are updates to articles about the Domino’s Pizza and Winn-Dixie web access cases. Another updated article is about web access overlays and their failure to protect website owners from lawsuits. One new article is about a settlement to make workplace software from ADP more accessible to blind employees. Other new articles are about a lawsuit against podcast companies for not having transcripts and about a digital accessibility settlement with the University of Illinois Chicago. Lainey also updated other information. The list of podcasts where she was interviewed was expanded. She also added to the list of her recorded presentations. There are links to all these updates in this article.

2022 written on a beach

Welcome to 2022! This article includes a short description with links to all new and updated content on this website since December 20, 2021. Gratitude to the wonderful Natalie MacLees of Digita11y, a web development and accessibility firm, who has upgraded the backend of my site to make the process of updating articles easier for me — and the updated content easier for readers to find!

May the new year bring health to each of you and to our planet. May democracy and justice prevail. And may the doors to the digital world finally swing wide open for everyone — with ethical design, baked-in accessibility, and true disability inclusion.

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Updated Articles on LFLegal – December 20, 2021 through January 3, 2022

New articles on LFLegal – December 20, 2021 through January 3, 2022

Recorded talks and podcasts updated with 2021 content

Recorded Talks

close up of a microphoneYou can find recordings of a sampling of Lainey’s talks on the Recorded Talks and Speaking Archives page of this website. With this most recent update you can now find, among other things, the captioned recording and transcript of Lainey’s December 9, 2021 presentation on the Digital Accessibility Legal Landscape. This talk was part of the 3Play webinar series. Thank you 3Play for offering your series for not cost and (of course) with accessibility.

Podcasts and other interviews

You can find podcasts and other interviews / conversations with Lainey Feingold on the Media Page of this website. (You can also find media coverage that quotes Lainey on that same page.)

The recent updates include my conversation with Oladeji Tiamiyu of the Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program for his Convergence Podcast, and two conversations with advocates in India about digital accessibility and the value of working in Structured Negotiation.

Upcoming 2022 speaking events added since December 20, 2021

Speaking events already scheduled for 2022 can be found on the Speaking Events page of this website. Visit the main speaking page to learn more about what Lainey can offer at your meetings, conferences, or training sessions in the coming year.

LFLegal site changes make it easier to find updated content

Those familiar with my site might notice a change while reading the updates mentioned here. It is a change I hope will make it easier (and quicker) for me to update content and for you the reader to find what you are looking for. The change, actually several, impacts how article updates appear on the site:

  • Article date: At the top of each article that is updated, under the title, you will find the date the article was first published and the date of the most recent update.
  • Notice of Updates: When an article is updated, under the summary there is a notice reading “Article updated.” It tells readers when the article was first published, and the date of the most recent update. There is a link directing readers to all updates which appear at the end of the article under a heading reading “Updates to this article.”
  • Back to top link: At the end of the updates there is a link reading “Back to the original article text” to make it easy for readers to get to the start of the original article.

Please let me know what you think!

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