GAAD Gratitude


Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, or GAAD. There’s a long way to go before the promise of web is a reality for people with disabilities. (As described in my other 2014 GAAD post) But I’m a glass half full person. Here’s what I’m grateful for:

  • My friends, colleagues and clients who are blind and have taught me the vital importance of accessible content. They are constant advocates for an inclusive digital experience for everyone.
  • The accessibility community who works 365 days a year to help developers, designers, site owners and others make digital content available to everyone.
  • Every institution who has agreed to participate in Structured Negotiations to improve the accessibility of digital content for the blind community. You can read a list of my negotiating partners on the Structured Negotiations page.
  • Everyone who works tirelessly to help the design and development world recognize that accessibility is integral to usability. Learn more at A Web for Everyone.
  • Everyone who tweets with the hashtags #a11y (for accessibility) and #ux (for usability), spreading the word in 140 characters.
  • Every institution who has put up an Accessibility Information Page, demonstrating awareness of digital accessibility.
  • The United States Department of Justice which last month told a Florida court that “the Department has long considered websites to be covered by [the Americans with Disabilities Act] despite the fact that there are no specific technical requirements for websites currently in the regulation or ADA Standards.”
  • Everyone who is tweeting with #GAAD or participating in a GAAD event. May it bring an avalanche of accessibility awareness to the far corners of the web and beyond.

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