Opening Day Accessibility Update

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The 2010 baseball season has started and with it come accessibility improvements to Yes, there will no doubt be glitches and outstanding issues as the season gets underway. But we are confident that MLB wants to and will continue to make improvements. We encourage fans with visual impairments to send specific feedback to MLB through the channels listed in this post.

In this post you can find information about

The ACB team monitoring MLB’s accessibility efforts may be reached through the Contact Page on this website.

2010 MLB Media Players

A paid subscription with log-in and password are required to use the MLB products described here. More details provided in the MLB Accessibility FAQs described below.

The 2010 MLB.Com Media Center is a portal to reach three subscription MLB’s media products: MLB-TV Premium, MLB-TV Basic, and a newly titled audio product known this year as “At Bat with Game Day Audio.” The games available on these products are listed in an accessible table grid, and the player launched when a game is selected were designed to be accessible to customers with visual impairments who use assistive technology. (Mac screen reader users should refer to the MLB FAQs concerning player accessibility issues.)

MLB also has an “alternative audio” portal, or a stand alone Game Day Audio Player Lite. (This is similar to last year’s accessible GameDay Audio player: it is no longer referred to as accessible because the MLB-TV and At Bat player is also designed to be accessible this year.

On-line Support has posted a new Accessibility Information Page, linked from the home page, and new Accessibility FAQs. These resources were developed in consultation with the ACB Structured Negotiations team, and are available on as follows:

  • FAQs: has dedicated Accessibility FAQs on the site this year, with detailed support information for assistive technology users.
  • MLB has also posted a more general Accessibility Information Page listing, among other things, contact information.

Contacting MLB

If you are a person with a visual impairment who is experiencing accessibility problems on, or if you want to compliment MLB on its accessibility initiative, there is now a dedicated phone and email contact for accessibility issues.

  •’s email address for suggestions on how to improve accessibility on the site is: access [at] website [dot] mlb [dot] com
  •’s Customer Service telephone specifically for accessibility issues: 1-866-239-1284. The line will be operational during the same hours that the main customer service line is open to the public.

You can read a summary of all posts on this website about Major League Baseball’s web accessibility initiative in the Accessibility Category.