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This document is the press release about Wells Fargo’s Spanish language Talking ATMs. Wells Fargo signed the first state-wide Talking ATM agreement with the California Council of the Blind in 1999. No lawsuit was filed. Instead, Structured Negotiations were used. Lainey Feingold and Linda Dardarian were the lawyers. When this press release was issued, more than 2,700 Wells Fargo Talking ATMs had Spanish audio. Back to Press Release

The Wells Fargo press release about its Spanish-speaking ATMs is one of several releases the bank issued as a result of its Talking ATM initiative. That initiative began with the Wells Fargo California Talking ATM Agreement the bank signed in 1999 with the blind community as a result of the Structured Negotiations process.

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Spanish Language Seen and Heard at Many Wells Fargo ATMs

More than 2,700 talking ATMs now offer Spanish audio

San Francisco, CA (February 24, 2003) — For more than 15 years Wells Fargo customers have been able to do their ATM transactions in Spanish – now, in addition, they’ll be able to hear their transactions privately in Spanish on more than 40 percent of Wells Fargo’s ATM network. Spanish audio is available at more than 2,700 Wells Fargo Talking webATM machines.

“More than four out of every ten Hispanic immigrants don’t have banking relationships, which means most of them have probably never used an ATM,” said Jonathan Velline, senior vice president for ATM Banking. “We hope our Spanish language screens and Talking webATM machines make the banking experience easier for them and encourage them to view a banking relationship as a way to enter the mainstream of the economy and perhaps someday achieve the American dream of owning a home.”

Through voice instruction, Talking webATM machines tell users who are blind or have difficulty reading information on an ATM screen how to perform all financial transactions including how to deposit money, withdraw cash, transfer funds, buy stamps and more. Talking webATM machines also can direct customers who have an InterCuenta Express® account to transfer or deposit funds, providing a low cost service that automatically wires money to a beneficiary in Mexico.

Working with the California Council of the Blind, Wells Fargo announced in June of 1999 that it would pilot 20 talking ATMs in California. After the success of the initial California effort, Wells Fargo began installing talking ATMs at locations throughout the country. Wells Fargo continues to be a leader with 3,100 talking ATMs across 23 states, most of which offer Spanish audio.

In November 2001, Wells Fargo became the first U.S. financial institution to recognize the Matricula Consular as a valid form of identification for new account openings.

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