John Slatin AccessU 2012

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This post is about a conference in Austin, Texas on May 16 and 17. Lainey Feingold will be speaking about web access and the law. She will give a legal update to people attending the conference. Read More about the Legal Update Session

Lainey Feingold will be presenting at John Slatin AccessU 2012, to be held this year in Austin on May 15-17. AccessU is a two day intensive training conference for web developers and designers, usability professionals, and pretty much anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of all aspects of web accessibility. The conference is a project of Knowbility, an Austin non-profit organization focused on accessible and inclusive information technology. Lainey will be doing a session for conference participants on legal issues surrounding web accessibility.

The session will review the current state of web accessibility law (primarily in the U.S., but not exclusively), and look at what is on the legal horizon. The session will encourage participants to think of the law as a key to accessibility and as a tool they can use with or without lawyers.

Can the law really be a key that can help unlock doors that might otherwise be closed to accessibility? A key to open doors separating web developers from end users with disabilities? Absolutely.