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Lainey is outstanding. The session alone is worth the registration fee. 2018 Structured Negotiation Workshop Participant

This is the most valuable 90 minutes I’ve spent all year 2018 Digital Accessibility Legal Update webinar attendee

Lainey is such a good presenter. She knows how to present and include people with disabilities. Of course the info is always excellent. She is just the best. The best. 2018 Digital Accessibility Legal Update attendee

This page contains testimonials from people who have heard Lainey Feingold speak and have participated in her trainings. Visit the Speaking Page of this website for Lainey’s upcoming talks, conferences, trainings, and other presentations.

Lainey speaks about negotiation skills, about her book, Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits, about the legal side of digital accessibility, and about best practices for including people with disabilities in the digital world. Visit the Talks and Training Page for examples of what Lainey Feingold can offer a variety of audiences both in the U.S. and internationally.

Structured Negotiation is an alternative to lawsuits that builds relationships and focuses on win-win solutions to legal claims. Read what people say about Lainey’s Structured Negotiation book.

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Law School presentations

New Haven, Connecticut

In October 2017 Lainey spoke at the Quinnipiac/Yale Dispute Resolution Workshop:

It was a privilege to have Lainey Feingold present as part of the 2017-2018 Quinnipiac-Yale Dispute Resolution speaker series. Lainey is passionate about both ‘Structured Negotiation’ and the rights of disabled people to participate in the digital age. That passion came through in her excellent talk, which was engaging, ground-breaking and very instructive.

Charlie Pillsbury, Co-Director, Center on Dispute Resolution, Quinnipiac University School of Law​

New York City

In October 2017 Lainey spoke at the Kukin Program for Dispute Resolution at Cardozo Law School.

Lainey Feingold gave the Cardozo community a fantastic presentation on her book, Structured Negotiation: A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits. She was incredibly engaging while educating the students on structured negotiation tactics. Ms. Feingold also enlightened those in attendance to the realities of lack of accessibility to the disabled community. Ms. Feingold showed a genuine interest in the background and opinions of the students in attendance, and encouraged the use of dispute resolution in the greater legal field. We will never forget her “toolbox” and wealth of information! Nicole Duke, student chair, Cardozo Dispute Resolution Society


In February 2017, Lainey presented to both students and faculty at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Canada.

Lainey Feingold presented on her work and her book “Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits” at a series of Osgoode Hall Law School events involving JD students, graduate students, faculty and staff, in contexts of disability rights to legal process and dispute resolution. Lainey brought warmth, conviction and authenticity to all her presentations and interactions. Everyone was engaged and connecting some of their own experiences and aspirations with Lainey’s approach to solving systemic problems and overcoming system barriers without the need for costly and lengthy litigation. Lainey vividly demonstrates that the point of law is to improve society, and the toolbox of lawyers needs to include Structured Negotiation! Lorne Sossin, Dean, Osgoode Hall Law School

Lainey gave several outstanding presentations while in Toronto. Law students were engaged. Graduate students and faculty were intrigued. Practicing lawyers were inspired. Lainey’s approach, Structured Negotiation, is a fascinating dispute resolution mechanism which has applicability well beyond the disability rights field. Lainey has started a conversation that will certainly continue. Martha E. Simmons, Visiting Professor and Director, Osgoode Mediation Clinic and Mediation Intensive Program, Osgoode Hall Law School

San Francisco

In January 2017 Lainey gave a book talk at her alma mater, Hastings College of the Law. Sheila Purcell, Director and Clinical Professor of Law at the school’s Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution commented after the presentation.

Lainey presented on her work with the blind community and on her clear and illuminating new book “Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits” at a UC Hastings event for practitioners and law students. She was simultaneously engaging, practical and immediately understandable. We are so fortunate to have her describe not just the outcomes of her important work, but for her sharing the “how-to” process of her negotiation approaches. She is inspiring both as a speaker and as an attorney activist.Sheila Purcell, Hastings Law School professor

Lainey has also presented in the disability rights course offered by Hastings. Here is what the course professor says about Lainey’s ability to engage law students:

Lainey has been a guest lecturer in my disability rights class at Hastings Law School for at least five years. I invite her back every year because the students really respond to her. Her topic is completely current and she presents her material in an engaging and entertaining way. Lainey is an expert in both the legal side of digital accessibility and in the dispute resolution process she has pioneered called Structured Negotiation. Even though I have written a case book on disability rights, I always come away from Lainey’s presentations with new ideas and information. Paul Grossman, Chief Civil Rights Attorney, US Dept. of Ed., Office for Civil Rights, San Francisco, retired

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Continuing Legal Education and other Law Talks

In January, 2018 Lainey spoke to members of the Collaborative Law Committee of the Dispute Resolution Section of the American Bar Association. (Lainey has written about how Structured Negotiation and Collaborative Law are first cousins.)

Lainey Feingold taught the continuing legal education portion of our monthly teleconference. She told us her success stories in using ‘Structured Negotiations’ to resolve disability claims asserted against international corporations without resorting to litigation: a process which is near and dear to the hearts of those of us endeavoring to advance collaborative practice beyond family law. Lainey ably demonstrated how much collaborators and structured negotiators have in common by way of tools and philosophy. Her enthusiasm and depth of knowledge is inspiring! Melanie Merkle Atha, Co-chair ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Collaborative Law Committee

In November, 2017 Lainey spoke to lawyers at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre in Sydney Australia:

We were delighted to have Lainey come and talk to our legal team at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre about Structured Negotiation. It was an inspiring session and invaluable to hear Lainey’s insights on how to create systemic change for people with disability and discuss how it can apply in the Australian context.Jonathon Hunyor, Chief Executive Officer, Public Interest Advocacy Centre Ltd

In October, 2017 Lainey gave a CLE presentation to lawyers in Chicago

JP Morgan Chase and Equip for Equality co-sponsored “Structured Negotiation: A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits”  for attorneys in corporate law departments and law firms in the Chicago area.  Lainey Feingold’s program was excellent.  It was well-attended and participants were actively engaged, asking frequent questions and sharing their own experiences.  Participants evaluating the program gave it very high marks; many reported that the program presented a practical approach to preventing litigation that warranted further consideration by their companies.  Other companies should take advantage of this opportunity to host a CLE program for their in-house attorneys and law firm partners as they explore ways to resolve disputes outside the courtroom. 
Zena Naiditch, Founder/President & CEO, Equip for Equality (the federally-mandated Protection & Advocacy System for Illinois)

In September, 2017 Lainey gave a lunch time presentation about Structured Negotiation to the Alameda County Bar Association:

Lainey recently presented a terrific CLE program to members of the Alameda County Bar Association introducing structured negotiations to the audience. Lainey’s straightforward presentation, with many practice-oriented recommendations and even sample documents, was engaging and an eye-opener for many of us, making us wish we had more time with her. Her passion, commitment, and honesty was inspiring and greatly appreciated. Jenny Y. Kim, ADR Section Executive Committee Member, Alameda County Bar Association

In June, 2017, Lainey did the second of two webinars on Structured Negotiation for the Legal Aid Association of California:

My organization, the Legal Aid Association of California, worked with Lainey earlier this year to put on the “Advocacy Skills Training – Using ‘Structured Negotiation As An Alternative to Litigation” webinar. We received so much great feedback that we begged her to come back to do a second, more advanced training. Even before Lainey presented “Deep Dive Into Structured Negotiation: Focus on the Practitioner,” we received more comments and requests for the recording than we have for any other training. I am even getting requests for this training from our legal aid friends in other states.

This training is something that the legal aid community really needs right now, and we’re so grateful that Lainey was willing to present on this for us.

Salena Copeland, Executive Director of the Legal Aid Association of California

In February, 2017 Lainey spoke to lawyers and staff at the ARCH Disability Law Centre in Toronto:

ARCH Disability Law Centre was thrilled and honoured to host a presentation by Lainey Feingold about her work and book titled “Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits”. Lainey captivated a room of lawyers with her exceptional ability to inspire and she articulated a clear and pragmatic framework to achieve systemic change. Lainey does this so skillfully by challenging the legal profession to redefine its entrenched roles and beliefs.
Robert Lattanzio, Executive Director, ARCH Disability Law Centre

Lainey’s trip to Toronto also included an early morning talk to lawyers at the Advocates’ Society. Morgan Sim, of the Toronto firm Pinto Wray James LLP, wrote up the talk in the Society’s Newsletter (page 6) in a piece titled Breakfast with Lainey Feingold. Sims began her piece:

8 a.m. may seem a little early for some CPD (Continuing Professional Development), but Lainey Feingold was worth the early daycare drop-off. She came prepared on February 9th to charm a sleepy audience at The Advocates’ Society with props, humour, and inspiring stories about huge victories she has obtained for her disabled clients – each of which she achieved without ever filing a lawsuit.Morgan Sim, in Advocates’ Society Newsletter

In September 2016 Lainey presented at the Alameda County Law Library on “Digital Accessibility for Lawyers.”

Lainey is an engaging speaker with vast knowledge of digital accessibility law and years of experience using Structured Negotiation to resolve technology access issues on behalf of the disabled community. As websites and mobile apps have become ubiquitous in our society, it is critical that attorneys, technology professionals, business owners, and the public understand digital accessibility issues, and their legal obligations to the disabled community. Lainey literally “wrote the book” on this dynamic area of law. Highly recommended!Emily Bergfeld, Alameda County Law Library

Here is what one law professor says about Lainey’s ability to engage law students:

Lainey has been a guest lecturer in my disability rights class at Hastings Law School for at least five years. I invite her back every year because the students really respond to her. Her topic is completely current and she presents her material in an engaging and entertaining way. Lainey is an expert in both the legal side of digital accessibility and in the dispute resolution process she has pioneered called Structured Negotiation. Even though I have written a case book on disability rights, I always come away from Lainey’s presentations with new ideas and information. Paul Grossman, Chief Civil Rights Attorney, US Dept. of Ed., Office for Civil Rights, San Francisco, retired

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Digital Accessibility Presentations

In July 2018 Lainey spoke to faculty and staff at the University of Massachusetts

We were excited and honored to have Lainey Feingold speak on “Accessibility as a Civil Right” at the 2nd Annual UMass Accessibility Retreat. Her session gave us several concepts to think about – how we define law (dolphin instead of shark), how we define accessibility (accessibility is about people), how accessibility impacts privacy and security, and so much more. Lainey’s passion, dedication, and knowledge provided our attendees with foundational information critical to moving forward with inclusion at the forefront of our minds. It was wonderful to hear Lainey’s talk was dedicated to her parents, both alum of UMass Amherst. We love our family connections!Kelsey Hall, Assistive Technology Coordinator, UMass Amherst and Kristina England, Web Application Specialist, UMass President’s Office

In October 2017 Lainey presented at the Chicago Digital Accessibility & Inclusive Design Meetup

Lainey presented her Accessibility Legal Update to a group of local digital professionals in the Chicagoland area. The event was promoted with the statement “do not think dodgy lawyer,” and as expected, Lainey did not disappoint. Her engaging and motivational style educated attendees, while inspiring them how to make a greater impact with their work and advocacy. She reaffirmed that while we think of digital accessibility as being about the government, laws, legal actions and compliance, it is about people, and is a fundamental civil right. Dennis Deacon, Organizer, Chicago Digital Accessibility & Inclusive Design Meetup

In September 2017 Lainey was part of digital media accessibility company 3PlayMedia‘s speaker series with a webinar titled Digital Accessibility Legal Update:

Lainey is a prolific speaker in the digital access space. She consistently delivers engaging and informative presentations that humanize accessibility law and remind us why digital accessibility is a major civil rights issue of our time. Our webinar audiences frequently remark that her sessions are among the best they have attended.Lily Bond, Director of Marketing 3Play Media

Lainey’s presentation was 3PlayMedia’s top viewed webinar in 2017.

Here’s some more feedback on Lainey’s ability to bridge the gap between digital accessibility and the law for non-lawyers:

With an approachable style, Lainey has an exceptional ability to make law and digital accessibility, accessible to any audience, balancing an unquestioned passion for the subject with her proven expertise in the field. There’s a reason why she draws at capacity audiences. Jennison Asuncion, Co-Founder, Global Accessibility Awareness Day

To me, Lainey has always been something of a heroine in accessibility. Gentle and witty, she makes the audience listen carefully to her engaging presentations on often complex topics. In most of our markets, there is no legislation around web accessibility, so the whole legal bit is in some way alien to us. Nevertheless, the participants at our conference in Sweden were clearly impressed by this knowledgable lawyer who is obviously passionate about the people and issues affected by legislation. Susanna Laurin, CEO Funka, sponsor of annual Accessibility Days Conference, Northern Europe’s largest conference on accessible Information and Communications Technology

For five years now, the Legal Update provided by Lainey Feingold at AccessU, Knowbility’s annual accessibility skills training has been one of the most sought after sessions to attend. These are some of the comments from our attendee evaluations.

  • For me the most valuable session was the Legal Update from Lainey Feingold. Unlike many legal discussions, it was clear, engaging and deeply informative.
  • I am so glad I attended the legal brief from Lainey Feingold. I am usually intimidated by legal jargon, but this gave me just what I needed in terms I could understand and use.
  • I would not have believed that a legal session could be fun before I met Lainey. I learned a lot – and enjoyed the heck out of it!

Sharon Rush, Executive Director of Knowbility, sponsor of the John Slatin AccessU

In February, 2017, Lainey presented to the #a11yTO Meetup group in Toronto, at OCAD University. The talk was well attended by digital accessibility professionals and enthusiasts, and by students, faculty and staff from the Inclusive Design Research Centre. Lainey focused her presentation on digital accessibility and innovations in both Canada and the United States. Her approach to negotiating outcomes echoed the challenges and successes that we face in digital accessibility. Her commanding presence and uplifting tone was inspiring to the entire room.Oskar Westin, Organizer, Accessibility Toronto Meetup

Disability Community and General Public Presentations

In November 2017 Lainey gave a talk in Sydney, Australia co-hosted by the Digital Gap Initiative (DGI), the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) and the Australian Human Rights Centre (now renamed the Disability Innovation Institute) at the University of new South Wales. The talk was held at the Ashurst law firm in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

The hall was packed to capacity with  advocates, lawyers, and business and government sector reps. There was an indescribable buzz in the atmosphere.

After the customary “Acknowledgment to Country” (a greeting acknowledging Australia’s indigenous people), Lainey talked about her book and about her work. Lainey has such a down-to-earth and genial way of delivering her message, and the audience was captivated and asked many questions.

For me the key points I took away were that structured negotiation and good legislation go hand in hand; and that patience is indispensable in the quest for change. A million thanks Lainey for coming down under  – just like a boomerang, we hope  she will come back! Gisele Mesnage, Founder and Coordinator Digital Gap Initiative

In October 2017 Lainey gave a community book reading sponsored by Baruch College, City University of New York’s Computer Center for Visually Impaired People (CCVIP) and the American Foundation for the Blind and Access New York City:

Lainey packed the bookstore at Baruch College at a book signing event for Structured Negotiations, a Winning alternative to Law Suits. A diverse crowd of some 60 people sat in rapt silence as she described the Structured Negotiation process and told just enough individual stories to make it real! She presented with ease, passion, humor and charm. Everyone went away having learned a lot and feeling hopeful and energized about the future of digital technology.Karen Luxton Gourgey, Ed.D. Director, CCVIP, Baruch College, City University of New York

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Hands-On Structured Negotiation Training

participants during Structured Negotiation trainingLainey is pleased to offer interactive, hands-on Structured Negotiation training for groups interested in a deeper dive into dispute resolution without lawsuits. Her first training took place in Nashville Tennessee in February 2018. Gratitude to Disability Rights Tennessee for sponsoring and organizing the training and to The Healing Trust, a Tennessee philanthropic and advocacy organization, for providing financial support.

Disability Rights Tennessee was honored to have author and disability rights lawyer, Lainey Feingold, present a training for disability-rights advocates and attorneys across the state entitled Structured Negotiation:  A Tool for Building Bridges, Not Burning Them. The half-day training included a fantastic introduction to Structured Negotiation, role playing exercises that engaged all participants, and a short (and much appreciated) mindfulness practice.

Participants loved the training and received valuable skills and tools to further their advocacy for individuals with disabilities throughout Tennessee.  I highly recommend every attorney and advocate in the disability-rights and legal services fields take advantage of Lainey’s live training and hands-on exercises on Structured Negotiation.  She’s an exceptional trainer who leaves a lasting impression on her audience.

Here is just some of the feedback we received about Lainey’s Structured Negotiation training

  • “More time! Amazing training! Thank you!”
  • “I knew nothing about this topic coming into this training and the role plays really helped!”
  • “This could be a full day event – excellent!”
  • “I thought this was a great presentation / CLE. Just fantastic. Wish it were longer.”
  • “Great content and Lainey is great! Enjoyed the breakout exercise.”
  • “Liked the mindfulness exercise. Need to adopt it at my office.”
  • “I really appreciated the mindfulness exercise and felt that it was effectively done.”

Stacie Price, Lawyer, Disability Rights Tennessee

Read more about Lainey’s Structured Negotiation and Digital Accessibility training and workshops

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