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Intro: This page will explain the basic navigational structure of this web site and help you to find the content you are looking for on You will find information about:

For more detailed information about this site’s accessibility, visit the Accessibility Page.

Immediately following the main page heading on each page you will find a short list of links to important content such as the main help page, the Structured Negotiations Page, and two site categories. If you are using the default style sheet, these are visible as the four large graphical links in the upper right.

You can access all categories and subcategories on this site on the Categories Page. For example, if you are looking for all the press releases that have been issued as a result of Structured Negotiations, you will find a “Settlement Agreement Press Releases” category on that page. That category contains subcategories for press releases on different issues, such as “web accessibility press releases.” Selecting a category will bring you to a summary of all posts in that category in chronological order. Everything posted on this website will appear in one or more categories listed on the Category page. Visit the Category Page now.[Intro]

Several jump links have been provided to help you jump down to various points on the page. These are useful primarily to non-mouse users. They are the first links you’ll encounter — use your Tab key to expose them (not in Opera). Please note that while on any of the site help-related pages, a special menu is provided (see main navigation) and an additional jump link is provided to help you access the new menu. (Get more info about keyboard support on the accessibility page.) There are other jump links to help you get back to the top of the page or to the page introduction where applicable. An example of this type follows. [Intro]

Just below the important content links, there is what’s known as a breadcrumb navigation guide, so named because it’s akin to leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. The breadcrumb navigation guide begins with the words “you are exploring.” This can be helpful to show you where you are at any given time. [Intro]

When you have accessed any of the site’s help pages, a “help menu” will be provided directly above the main navigation menu. Use these links to access any of the help pages. The main help page on this site can be accessed through the link immediately following the main page heading on each page. In the default style, it is the first of the four large links on the upper right. [Intro]

Below the content, or along the right-hand side of the page if you’re using the default page style, is the “Site Navigation” menu. This menu provides access to various pages on this site. To access all of the pages and other content, you may use the site map, categories, archives or the search feature. [Intro]

RSS Subscription Link

Below the main navigation links you will see a “Subscribe to Entries” link under an “RSS Syndication” heading. This is useful if you use an RSS feed reader or if you can bookmark RSS feeds with your browser. Browsers such as Internet Explorer 6, Firefox, and Opera offer this as a built-in feature. To learn more about this, this article, “Understanding this RSS Thing” may help. [Intro]

Page Tools Links

At the bottom of the side bar, there are several “page tools.” The style page tools are explained on the accessibility page under style preferences. The “print this page” tool is explained at content printing, and scripting. The final side bar link is a “jump link to the top of the page.” [Intro]