This country/region is part of the Global Law and Policy Page, which contains information about laws that protect disabled people’s rights to participate in the digital world.

[Note: This country is in the European Union (EU). Visit the European Union section of this Global Digital Accessibility Laws Page for more information about the European Accessibility Act and other digital accessibility Directives impacting EU countries.]

  • Law on the Procurements of Public Service Providers. On the issue of technical standards for procuring accessible technology for disabled people this law provides as follows:

    For procurements the results of which are intended for use by natural persons (including the staff of the public service provider), the technical specifications shall be prepared so as to ensure accessibility of the procurement results for persons with disability or to take into account the principles of universal design, except for when the public service provider has a duly justification for the non-inclusion of such requirements in the technical specifications. If the directly applicable legal acts of the European Union confirm the mandatory access requirements, the technical specifications shall contain a reference to such standards, insofar as they determine the requirements in relation to ensuring access for persons with disability or the principles of universal design.Latvia public procurement law, section 23(9)

  • Electronic Communications Act (2022) (Latvian) and an article about this transposition of the EU Electronic Communications Act.