This country/region is part of the Global Law and Policy Page, which contains information about laws that protect disabled people’s rights to participate in the digital world.

  • In May 2022 Kenya published its first digital accessibility standards. Announced at the Inclusive Africa conference in late May, the news was reported as follows:

    The  Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) in partnership with inABLE has launched the first-ever Inclusivity ICT Standards in Africa at the Inclusive Africa Conference. The new standard, gazetted on 13th May 2022 is set to ensure that Public and Private sector digital products and services are accessible to Persons with Disabilities (PWD’s), older persons largely disconnected from most e-government services, and business owned digital platforms.Kenya gazettes ICT Standards to ensure digital inclusion of persons with disabilities

    (If you’re like me and are unfamiliar with the word “gazettes” in this context, a quick search gave me the definition: “to announce or publish (something) in an official gazette.”)

  • Congratulations to Irene Mbari-Kirika, inABLE Executive Director, for her critical role in spearhead this accessibility milestone. She explained the significance of the standards as follows:

    The Standards for Accessibility- ICT Products and Services is a game changer for public and private organizations who must now prioritize digital accessibility compliance to ensure that everyone, especially PWDs, can access their websites, mobile applications, and other digital resources.”Irene Mbari-Kirika, in official standards announcement

  • Read Kenya Standard DKS 2952-1:2021, Accessibility IT Products and Services (92 page PDF)
  • KEBS and inABLE are spearheading the implementation framework for the accessibility regulations. This phase that will be ongoing for a duration of not less than five years to ensure full implementation of KS2952. It is standard procedure to review any Standard that comes into force every five years to include changes and emerging issues in the sector.