This country/region is part of the Global Law and Policy Page, which contains information about laws that protect disabled people’s rights to participate in the digital world.

[Note: This country is in the European Union (EU). Visit the European Union section of this Global Digital Accessibility Laws Page for more information about the European Accessibility Act and other digital accessibility Directives impacting EU countries.]

  • Act on accessibility requirements for products and services (2022), the Danish law implementing the European Accessibility Act.
  • Web Accessibility in Denmark, information from the Danish Agency for Digital Government about the 2018 Web Accessibility Act. This Act implemented the European Union (EU) Web Accessibility Directive on public sector websites and mobile applications into Danish law.

    Although this law requires compliance with accessibility standards, no fines have been issued for non-compliance as of March 2023.

  • Information about monitoring and supervision by the Danish government to ensure compliance with the Danish Web Accessibility Act. Simplified monitoring uses automated tools to test websites and mobile apps for compliance against 18 WCAG 2.1 criteria, while in-depth monitoring uses both automated and manual testing to evaluate based on the EN 301 549 chapter 10.
  • The Danish Agency for Digital Government has a Web Accessibility Statement Tool that public sector bodies are required to use to comply with the law.