AudioEye Sues AccessiBe for Patent Infringement

On September 4, 2020, AudioEye, Inc. sued accessiBe, Ltd for patent infringement. The lawsuit between these two very well-funded digital accessibility companies was filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas and reported in Justia Dockets and Filings. Read the September 4, 2020 complaint in AudioEye v. accessiBe. (An amended… Read more… AudioEye Sues AccessiBe for Patent Infringement

Why a Dolphin?

My website just got a refresh and a dolphin swam into the header. Did I convert my law practice to an aquarium? Did I move to Miami? I did not. Many people think lawyers should act like sharks. I have chosen the dolphin instead. Dolphins collaborate and have good communication skills. That’s the kind of lawyer I try to be. Read more… Why a Dolphin?