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This page has information about Lainey Feingold’s upcoming (and past) speaking engagements. Visit the testimonial page to learn what people say about Lainey’s presentations.

Lainey Feingold is a frequent speaker at accessible technology and disability rights conferences, meetings, webinars, and classes. Lainey also speaks to law students and to lawyers and advocates in any field about Structured Negotiation — a winning alternative to lawsuits that focuses on solution, avoids conflict, and is cost effective. Lainey’s book about Structured Negotiation is available for purchase from Amazon, other online book sellers, and from the publisher, the American Bar Association.

If you are interested in inviting Lainey to speak about Structured Negotiation, her book, accessible digital content, or other accessible information and technology, please Contact the Law Office of Lainey Feingold.

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Upcoming in 2017

Interest in Lainey’s book, Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits, is growing, as is interest in Lainey’s subject matter speciality, digital accessibility legal developments. Upcoming speaking events in 2017 include the following:

  • Book Talk in DC – American Bar Association

    on March 29, 2017

    American Bar Association, Washington, DC

    Book talk at the Washington, DC offices of the American Bar Association, co-sponsored by the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, the American Council of the Blind, and the American Foundation for the Blind. 5:30 – 7:00 at 1050 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 400.

  • 2017 Jacobus tenBroek Disability Law Symposium

    on March 30, 2017

    Baltimore, MD

    Lainey as a panelist at the 2017 Jacobus tenBroek Disability Law Symposium. Lainey speaking about Structured Negotiation at the session titled “The Lawyer’s Toolbox: Effective Legal Strategies for Achieving Digital Accessibility and Communication Access.”

  • 19th Annual Spring Conference, American Bar Association

    on April 20, 2017

    Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, CA

  • M-Enabling Summit / IAAP Pre-Conference

    on June 12, 2017 at 4:15 pm

    Washington, D.C.

    Lainey will present the Digital Accessibility Legal Update at the M-Enabling Conference. The update will be introduced by Shilpi Kapoor, Managing Director of international digital accessibility consulting firm BarrierBreak. Lainey’s presentation is part of M-Enabling’s pre-conference, organized by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)

  • Structured Negotiation, a Winning Strategy for Disability Rights

    on June 14, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    Marriott Waterfront, Baltimore, MD

    Speaker, National Disability Rights Network Annual Conference:  “Structured Negotiation, a Winning Strategy for Disability Rights”

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2017 – Completed

  • Disability Matters Radio Program

    on January 17, 2017

    Lainey as a guest on Disability Matters, a radio show (with real time captions) hosted by Joyce Bender. Show starts at 2:00 Eastern / 11:00 Pacific.

  • Advocacy Skills Training

    on January 19, 2017

    Advocacy Skills Training – Using Structured Negotiation As An Alternative to Litigation. Free webinar sponsored by Legal Aid Association of California (LAAC).

  • Book Event – Hastings College of the Law

    on January 24, 2017

    Hastings College of the Law, San Francisco, CA

    Lainey presenting a book talk at Hastings College of the Law, 100 McAllister Street in the Skyroom from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Lainey presenting with Jessie Lorenz, Executive Director of the Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco and a participant in Structured Negotiation. The event is free and CLE credits are available for lawyers. 100 McAllister is a secure building so attendees should try to sign up in advance. In connection with this event, Hastings professor Sheila Purcell interviewed Lainey about her book and her disability rights practice.

  • Structured Negotiation and US Digital Law and Policy

    on February 7, 2017

    Windsor, Ontario Canada

    Lainey speaking about Structured Negotiation and US Digital Law and Policy from 10:30 – 12:30 at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law, Farmer Conference Room. Lainey’s visit to the campus is sponsored by the Windsor Disability Law Student Society & Dr. Laverne Jacobs.

  • Advocates’ Society Breakfast

    on February 9, 2017

    Advocates’ Society Education Centre, Toronto, ON

    Guest speaker at the Advocates’ Society breakfast. The society is “the premier provider of advocacy skills training across Canada”.

  • Digital Accessibility Law

    on February 9, 2017

    ARCH Disability Law Centre, Toronto, ON

    Lainey speaking to the ARCH Disability Law Centre about her book and the current state of digital accessibility law in the United States.

  • Accessibility Toronto MeetUp

    on February 9, 2017

    OCAD U. Central Hall, Toronto, ON

    Lainey as the guest speaker at the Accessibility Toronto MeetUp (#A11yTO), a community of digital accessibility and inclusive design professionals. The event will be held in room 230 at 100 McCaul St, Toronto M5T 1W1 and is jointly presented with the Inclusive Design Research Centre of the The Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U).

  • Presentations to Osgoode Hall Law School

    on February 10, 2017

    Osgoode Hall Law School, North York, ON

    Several presentations for students and faculty at Osgoode Hall Law School. Questions about Lainey’s events at Osgoode Hall can be directed to Martha E. Simmons, Director, Mediation Clinical Program.

  • Free Structured Negotiation Webinar

    on February 15, 2017


    Free webinar sponsored by the Emerging Enterprises Committee of the Licensing Executives Society (USA and Canada), Inc. LES is the “leading association for intellectual property, technology, and business development professionals to achieve professional and personal success.”

  • SSB’s pre-CSUN Panel on Digital Accessibility Law

    on February 28, 2017

    San Diego, CA

    Lainey as a guest speaker and panel member at the SSB’s CSUN Pre-Conference.

  • Digital Accessibility Legal Update

    on March 1, 2017

    CSUN Technology Conference, San Diego, CA

    Lainey presenting, along with her colleague Linda Dardarian, the annual Digital Accessibility Legal Update at the 32d annual CSUN Technology Conference.

  • Structured Negotiation Book Party at CSUN

    on March 1, 2017

    Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, California: Deque Presentation Room (Seaport Ballroom F)

    Join Lainey for a lightning book event on March 1 after the first full day of conference events at CSUN, the International Conference on Technology and People with Disabilities. Come hear stories from her book, Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits . There’s even a CSUN story!

  • Structured Negotiation: A Tool for Disability Rights

    on March 21, 2017


    Free webinar sponsored by the Great Lakes ADA Center. 2:00 Eastern / 11:00 Pacific. Come learn why Structured Negotiation has been such a successful strategy in disability rights cases.


  • Digital Accessibility: 2016 Annual CSUN Legal Update

    on March 23, 2016

    Harbor Tower, San Diego, CA

    Co-presenting a session at the 31st annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference (CSUN) in San Diego, California. Lainey and Linda Dardarian presenting Digital Accessibility: 2016 Annual CSUN Legal Update.

  • How to Improve Settlement Agreements

    on March 31, 2016

    National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute, Baltimore, MD

    Co-facilitating a workshop at the 2016 Jacobus tenBroek Disability Law Symposium in Baltimore, Maryland. Lainey presenting with civil rights lawyers Dan Goldstein and Tim Fox on the topic How to Improve Settlement Agreements. Read more about the tenBroek symposium.

  • Accessibility as a Civil Right: Lessons from the United States on Using Law and Policy to Make Digital Content Available to Everyone

    on April 13, 2016

    Stockholm, Sweden

    Presenting at Funka Accessibility Days in Stockholm Sweden in April. The two-day conference is “Northern Europe’s largest conference on accessible information and communication technology (ICT).” Lainey speaking on “Accessibility as a Civil Right: Lessons from the United States on Using Law and Policy to Make Digital Content Available to Everyone.”

  • Digital Accessibility Legal Update

    on April 19, 2016

    St. Edwards University, Austin, TX

    Speaking at the annual John Slatin AccessU in Austin Texas. Lainey has provided a digital accessibility legal update for conference participants for the past several years. Read more about Knowbility’s AccessU.

  • Role of Law in Making the Digital World More Accessible and Usable for Everyone

    on May 19, 2016

    Lainey giving two presentations for Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). She was part of Inclusive Design 24 (#ID24), 24 hours of free webinars about accessibility and usability. Lainey presented on the role of law in making the digital world more accessible and usable for everyone. Watch Lainey’s one hour captioned presentation on YouTube for #ID24. She also spoke in San Francisco at the Accessibility and Inclusive Design MeetUp for Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

  • The Legal Side of Accessible Technology

    on July 26, 2016

    San Francisco, CA

    Lainey spoke on the legal side of Accessible Technology at the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) 2016 West Coast Update Conference. The conference was held on the 26th anniversary of the ADA.

  • Digital Accessibility Legal Update

    on September 7, 2016

    Lainey presenting the Digital Accessibility Legal Update at the virtual online Accessibility Summit sponsored by Environments for Humans.

  • Digital Accessibility for Lawyers

    on September 21, 2016

    Alameda County (California) Law Library, Oakland, CA

    Lainey presenting at the Alameda County (California) Law Library on Digital Accessibility for Lawyers. Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) ethics credit is available for this presentation. Visit the Alameda County Library page for more information and to register.

  • 2016 Legal Update on Digital Accessibility

    on September 29, 2016
  • Book Launch and Celebration!

    on October 16, 2016

    Berkeley, CA

    Lainey’s book launch. Please contact us for more information.

  • Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits

    on November 15, 2016

    Harvard Law School Campus, Cambridge, MA

    Lainey speaking about Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits, as part of the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation (PON) speaker series. Lainey presenting with Paul Parravano, Co-Director, Office of Government and Community Relations at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who has participated as a claimant in Structured Negotiation. Read more about the talk on the PON website.

  • ABA Continuing Legal Education Webinar

    on December 1, 2016

    Lainey presenting an MCLE webinar about Structured Negotiation for the American Bar Association. Check back for more details. The moderator for the session is Kristina Launey, a partner at Seyfarth Shaw, who has participated in several Structured Negotiation as counsel for companies who chose the dispute resolution method over alternative legal strategies.

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Lainey’s speaking engagements in 2015 included

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2013 – 2014

In the Spring of 2014, Lainey spoke at the 29th International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference (CSUN) in San Diego, California and at John Slatin AccessU in Austin, Texas. She also presented at the 12th Annual Class Action Conference of the Impact Fund on the topic of Structured Negotiation as an alternative to class action litigation. Lainey was also a guest lecturer, as she has been for many years, on digital accessibility for the Disability Rights class at her alma mater, Hastings College of the Law.

Photo Credit: Peter Korn

Simplified Summary

This page includes information about talks that Lainey Feingold gives at conferences and classes.  Lainey often speaks about how to resolve claims without lawsuits with a method called Structured Negotiation.  Lainey also talks to audiences about the civil rights of disabled people.  She also speaks to law students. The page includes comments from people in the audience who have heard Lainey speak. One person who enjoyed Lainey’s talk said she or he was surprised that a legal session could be fun.