Accessibility is a Civil Right and Overlays are Bad: Highlights from the Digital Accessibility Legal Landscape

Lainey has spoken at CSUN most years since 2000. While there are now many other accessibility conferences building community around the globe, it is still true that every year CSUN attracts people brand new to accessibility. People who are not yet aware that accessibility is a civil right, or who may not yet know that one-line-of-code overlays don’t protect against lawsuits or create accessible sites. Those in the digital accessibility space for years still want to keep up with the law from a civil rights perspective. For these reasons, Lainey is offering her legal update at CSUN 2022.

[The image here shows the standing / sitting room only crowd the last time I presented at CSUN. My talk will be for both old-timers and the next generation of accessibility champions. Packed audience for Lainey's talk at CSUN 2019