First Union Press Release

This press release was issued as a result of a settlement that Lainey and Linda Dardarian negotiated using Structured Negotiations on behalf of representatives of the blind community in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Tom Earle, formerly with the Disabilities Law Project in Philadelphia, now known as the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania, also represented the Claimants. As stated in the release, First Union, since purchased by Wachovia, installed the first Talking ATMs in several states. Read more… First Union Press Release

Fleet Bank First Press Release

The press release posted below was issued as a result of a 2001 Settlement Agreement negotiated using Structured Negotiations. In the Agreement, Fleet agreed to make its web site accessible, install over one thousand Talking ATMs, and implement a comprehensive alternative format policy. Lainey was co-counsel with Stan Eichner of the Disability Law Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Claimants in the case included the Bay State Council of the Blind (BSCB), the American Council of the Blind’s Massachusetts affiliate. Read more… Fleet Bank First Press Release