Structured Negotiation 2nd Edition

Available Now! the 2nd edition of Structured Negotiation A winning alternative to lawsuits by Lainey Feingold

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Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits shares stories and strategies from 25 years of successful advocacy for accessible technology. Using the tools of collaboration you’ll learn in the book, Structured Negotiation has led to expansive agreements about accessible websites, Talking ATMs, talking prescription labels, accessible pedestrian signals, improved jail conditions, safe, accessible sidewalks and more.

Organizations including Bank of America, Major League Baseball, the City and County of San Francisco, the American Cancer Society, CVS, and Walmart have engaged in Structured Negotiation with disabled people and disability organizations, building relationships and avoiding conflict and run away expenses.

Win-win results, no lawsuits needed.

Praise for Structured Negotiation

really enjoyed reading this book and appreciate all the lessons within.

Haben Girma, White House “Champion of Change”, Forbes 30 under 30 leader, and BBC Women of Africa Hero

This book proves that zealous advocacy and civility can coexist in the practice of law. It should be required reading for all lawyers.

Denise Norgle, Division General Counsel, TransUnion LLC (retired)

What's new in the 2nd edition?

First published in 2016, the Second Edition includes close to 50 pages of new content including:

  • Foreward by Haben Girma, human rights and disability justice lawyer and author of the bestseller Haben, the Deaf blind Woman who Conquered Harvard Law
  • Structured Negotiation successes in the past five years by both the author and other lawyers and clients
  • Stories of how readers have used Structured Negotiation outside of a legal context – and why it matters
  • How lawyers in filed cases expanded the possibilities of Structured Negotiation when they used ideas in this book to create an oasis of collaboration in a litigated case.
  • How  Structured Negotiation proved its value to a start-up faced with its members accessibility claims
  • How the LGBTQ community turned to Structured Negotiation to resolve claims with a global ridesharing company
  • The interplay of ethics and Structured Negotiation, something Lainey began thinking about when my interview with Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes was left on the cutting room floor about a year after this book was first published. 
  • What recent U.S. elections, the Black Lives Matter movement, and a global pandemic have taught about Structured Negotiation.

Also available in Spanish

The second edition is available in Spanish thanks to translation support by the Basque Country Collaborative Law Association. Susana Sucunza, President of the organization, wrote a Foreword for the Spanish edition.

Read Structured Negotiation

Structured Negotiation is available in print and accessible digital formats through Amazon and other online booksellers. It is available in Bookshare and the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled in the United States. Five years after her book was published by the American Bar Association, Lainey is pleased to offer the second edition at close to half the cost of the first edition.

Invite Lainey to Speak

Lainey is a dynamic speaker and trainer about the pioneering strategy that is Structured Negotiation. Visit the speaking page to learn more about inviting Lainey to share the stories and strategies of Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits.

Since publication of her book in late 2016, Lainey has delivered more than 100 talks and workshops on subjects related to digital accessibility, collaborative problem-solving, and disability rights.

Of course, during the pandemic Lainey is delivering talks and trainings virtually!

About the Book

Structured Negotiation was born at the intersection of dispute resolution, disability, and the quest for an inclusive digital world. Lainey’s groundbreaking book offers tools for anyone in any field looking to solve problems, resolve legal claims, and advance issues without conflict and run-away legal costs.